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Evidence-based scientific knowledge helped countries performing the best on road safety to formulate their most effective policies. Information on the magnitude, nature and context of crashes is essential to understand the nature of problems, whilst a detailed analyses of the role of infrastructure, vehicles and road users enables new policies to be developed.

The EU funded the SafetyNet project which established the European Road Safety Observatory (ERSO). This brought together data and knowledge to support safety policy-making. The DaCoTA EU Project developed the ERSO framework and the protocols for the data and knowledge. ERSO information is now on the European Commission's Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport website, DG-Move.

The DaCoTA project will add to the strength and wealth of information in the Observatory by enhancing the existing data and adding new road safety information. The main areas of work include

  • Developing the link between the evidence base and new road safety policies
  • Establishing a Pan-European Accident Investigation Network
  • Bringing a wide variety of data together for users to manipulate
  • Predicting accident trends, presenting data to policy makers
  • Intelligent safety system evaluation
  • Naturalistic driving observations



Project co-financed by the European Commission Directorate General for Mobility and Transport


European Road Safety Conference on data and knowledge based road safety policy-making


22-23 November 2012

Conference programme now available

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