The DaCoTA project will be holding a series of events during 2012 to disseminate the results of the project and to showcase the most recent developments in evidence based policy-making. These will be open to the safety community and the widest possible participation is encouraged.

European Road Safety Conference on data and knowledge based road safety policy-making

Athens 22/23 November 2012

Organised by the DaCoTA team

This two day conference will take place in the beautiful city of Athens. As well as providing a unique opportunity for delegates to see the final results of the project there will also be many high profile speakers to present the most recent safety research from Europe and around the world.

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Transport Research Arena Athens

23-27 April 2012

The DaCoTA team supported a special session to present an overview of the project and its achievements. This was the first opportunity for the safety community to be able to see the work of the project and to explore evidence based policy making with the project experts.

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